Ali Farzaneh with two brand new homeowners!Change is hard.

1st Oklahoma Construction looks at change as opportunity. It was a risk to start this company. Our founder, Ali Farzaneh, wanted to build homes in Oklahoma. It was his passion. Ali worked in his family business for quite a long time until he made the decision to make a name for himself in construction in 2005. Then, in 2009, the economy broke down. Instead of throwing in the towel, Ali refused to cave in and changed the circumstances so he could succeed.

Now, 1st Oklahoma Construction is known for its excellence. We’re one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Oklahoma. We build luxury homes and we love it. We love seeing people be happy. We can affect homeowners’ lives and change the way they live by providing something they want and need. We feel like we are making a difference in a great way.

There is no way that 1st Oklahoma Construction could have succeeded if we let change scare us. The unfamiliar is inherently unsettling, but we have to put our goals and our victories ahead of that hesitance.

As we enter into 2014, join 1st Oklahoma Construction in changing the way we do things. We’re going to be taking on a bigger presence on our Facebook page (facebook.com/1st.Oklahoma.Construction.Homes) and other social media.

Specifically, we want to hear from you. What do you think of us? What can we do different? How is your dog? We’re eager to learn about you and all the cool things you do.

Happy New Year!

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