Oklahoma New Housing Market to Boom in 2013

Oklahoma New Housing Market to Boom in 2013

New Construction Home Builder is Seeing Record Growth and Forecasting 2013 to be the Best in Past Five Years

Norman, Oklahoma- Local Business owner, Ali Farzaneh, says Oklahoma will see a major boom in the new housing construction market in the coming year. He, along with his family, have been working in the new home construction industry for decades and says 2013 is ripe for his industry.

“The economy in Oklahoma is so exciting right now for the new housing construction industry.  While we hear and read in the news about the national recession, locally our industry and our company is booming,” said Ali Farzaneh, owner of First Oklahoma Construction.

First Oklahoma Construction is a custom home builder that attributes their success to the low interest rates and their emphasis on customer satisfaction.

“Since the customers are excited about the low interest rates, we have been able to offer them many upgrades and a larger home because their monthly payment is much lower than even a couple years ago.” said Farzaneh.

Farzaneh also attributes his success to their customer satisfaction.  “Building a new home historically has been stressful for the buyer.  We recognized this and make the process simpler with our 6 Point Guarantee.”

First Oklahoma Construction predicts that 2013 will see a major boom in the new housing market. Due to their growth, First Oklahoma Construction predicts they will create an estimated 150 new jobs for their vendors, contractors and related companies in Oklahoma and other states nationwide next year.

First Oklahoma Construction is a privately owned company with over two decades of custom home building experience.  With headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma, First Oklahoma Construction is a Better Business Bureau “A” rated custom home builder that offers first-class home design and construction for the experienced buyer.  For more information on First Oklahoma Construction visit them at www.firstokconstruction.com or call Ali Farzaneh at (405) 701-5557.

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