Meet Our Staff: Alex Galeano, Construction Director

Meet Our Staff: Alex Galeano, Construction Director

Ali Farzaneh (left) and Alex Galeano (right) discuss incredibly important business.

Ali Farzaneh (left) and Alex Galeano (right) discuss incredibly important business.

In the offices of 1st Oklahoma Construction, Alex Galeano sat calmly across the table we interviewed him for the upcoming blog. Throughout the interview, he was calm, cool, collected, and incredibly polite.

He asked about the purpose of the blog.

“If you put keywords like ‘efficiency,’ ‘renewable,’ or ‘sustainable,’ this will make the blog more visible on search engines.” He wanted the blog to be seen even wider than what we’d already been planning.

This is the kind of man Alex Galeano is. He’s incredibly smart, focused, and goal-oriented. He’s worked as construction director of 1st Oklahoma Construction since April 2013. During his time as director, he’s pushed to explore the limits of the technology available in construction.

“As construction director, I’m in charge from the beginning of the project to the end,” he said with a quiet sense of pride. “I receive the plans and then it’s my responsibility to deliver the results.”

The position can be incredibly taxing but when you talk to Galeano a little bit more, you’ll understand exactly why he’s the best man for the job.

While I was preparing for the next round of questions, Alex said, “Let me help you out a little bit.” He then began to draw a line. At one end, he wrote the number 18and the other end, 45.

“When I was 18, I sat down and drew on this line the exact direction my life was going to go,” he explained. “I told myself I would not shake from this line and I would achieve complete financial independence by the time I was 45.”

He then doodled small peaks on the line. “There was a little bit of deviation and distraction, but I haven’t forgotten the goal.”

“Think and grow rich,” he said, quoting Napoleon Hill, 20th century author of a book by the same name. Galeano takes Hill’s work very personally as he’s looked to expand his horizons with every new endeavor. “What Hill meant wasn’t to grow rich in money, but to grow rich in knowledge and spirit. I want to be a better person. It’s all about becoming a better human being.”

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