Office Spotlight: Claudia Cabas


As the construction manager, Claudia Cabas is the brains behind the scheduling and development of construction. She started working at 1st Oklahoma Construction as an intern when she was getting her master’s degree in construction management from the University of Oklahoma. After her internship and receiving her master’s degree, Claudia worked her way up within the company to become the construction manager.

Now that Claudia has been at 1st Oklahoma Construction for two years she has seen how the team collaborates on every project and works hard to make an investment in the lives of all the customers.

“We are together toward one goal. Everybody is proactive instead of reactive. They like to be helpful all the time,” explained Claudia.

This year (2015) is the ten-year anniversary for 1st Oklahoma Construction and Claudia is excited to see what the next ten years holds for the company. They have big goals to expand their business and expect great growth in the coming years.

“It has grown slowly, but surely. We have goals for one year, three years, five years. We are going toward the goals that we have set to match with our vision,” said Claudia.

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